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My art work is inspired primarily by nature and also by words and colour. I paint from my imagination. Nature, particularly plants and the changing seasons inspire me. I love to walk being surrounded by the ever-changing colours, shapes and textures of nature. There is so much beauty out there. I think the earth and its flora and fauna is pretty wondrous and who can fail to be inspired during April/May

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Happy Art for a Happy Home

Marina was born in London on the 9 July 1943. She was born to Rita and Shimon Eisen, they had including Marina two boys and two girls. Marina’s, grand parents came from Belarus, Poland, Russia.
In 1902 they arrived in London England. 
They had 6 girls and one boy. She was given the name Marina by her uncle George who was a Greek soldier married to her aunt Marie.

Marina moved to Haifa, Israel in 1959 in 1960 she married Yitzhak (Isaac) Ben-Moshe.they had three boys and one girl.

She loves to paint and draw and can remember painting in school and at home. She gets lately inspiration from the beautiful scenery she has from her windows, and the country she loves. Marina lives in Israel and paints till this day.


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